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Larry Sumler, CMI
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State Level Inspection Instructor
Court Approved Expert Witness
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"It has been 3 weeks since I closed on my investment property and I live out of the country however, I had to sit down and write a review for this company. The inspector, Larry provided excellent customer service. I appreciated his honesty and I truly felt he was on my side, he was all I had to depend on for a thorough view of the property. He was my eyes when I could not be physically present When he says he will not let you get stuck, He did not allow me to get stuck, I was able to get several things corrected before purchasing the property. All I can say is that he is honest and trustworthy. He has your best interest at heart. Thank you Larry for everything!!!"

Zoe Green

"Mr. Sumler has been chosen by many of my clients to do their inspections. He is extremely dependable and thorough with his inspections and being a Master Inspector very knowledgeable too. I would definitely add this inspector to any lists to give clients, and or a buyers list of people to call upon."

Kat Nimmons

"I highly recommend Larry Sumler at Advance Home Inspections LLC. Outstanding !"

Larry King

"Larry Sumler did an excellent job with the inspection of my home that we are in the process of buying. He asked my fiancÚ if he would like to be present during the inspection and encouraged us to be there. He was very detailed about his work and explained every pro and con of the home that we are purchasing. He gave us friendly advice on different things and recommended some other businesses that could help us in easily renovating our new home. There was also a very detailed and professional report explaining the inspection! Thank you, Larry for all of your help!"

Kasie McBride

"I needed my home inspected quickly. Larry (from Advance Home Inspections) came out very fast and would have come out sooner but didn't want to be pushed for time in order to do the best possible work. He did a GREAT home inspection from top to bottom. You couldn't ask for better customer service. I would recommend Advance Home Inspections to anyone in need of home inspection."

Jonathan Thompson

"Larry, I would like to thank you for the outstanding service your company gave us during the inspection process. The home had been previously inspected by a reputable local company although you found a major issue on the roof. Thanks to Larry I got a new roof from the owners insurance company. I am very pleased and will recommend to all my friends and family to call Larry first."

D. Camper

"Larry came out and walked through the inspection process with me. I am a builder myself but that second set of professional eyes got me to see things that i missed myself. He was very thorough and very informative. I would recommend him to anyone purchasing a home and wanting to make the right decision in such a serious investment. Thanks Larry!!"

Larry Wiethop

"I called Larry because I needed a complex inspection completed with accuracy on the vacation home I was having built. The home was a custom build and since I lived out of state I needed another set of eyes to insure the home was built according to my standards. Larry was a Board Certified Master Inspector and I'm glad I chose him. Larry explained the problems in detail so a Car Dealer like myself could understand. I will recommend Larry to all my friends if they ever need an Inspection. My agent was so impressed with his attention to detail that she now calls him on every sale. Thanks again for the help and I will be sure to call again when I need you."

J. Richardson


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